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The Wonderful World of Dissocia 


One O'Clock from the House by Frank Vickery

A light comedy, which revolves around the funeral of an elderly father - not usually an occasion for hilarity. But when you meet the bizzare and disfunctional family members, proceedings are bound to be lively! Add to this a posthumouus joke, played by the father, the scene is set for a scorching comedy of personalities and situations!
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Outside Edge
by Richard Harris

Directed by Graham Clark and Melanie Hodgson

The setting is the pavillion of a small amateur cricket club, as they prepare for a match against their bitterest rivals.

Roger - the captain is having trouble getting a team together, but this proves to be the least of his worries, as he also has to deal with a variety of complications, amongst the team.

Bob is having marriage trouble, with both his current and former wives. Dennis, who considers himself God's gift to women, is also having marital trouble as his wife seems intent on moving house despite the fact they only moved recently. Kevin is trying to fight off his over affectionate wife Maggie, while at the same time nursing a critical injury. Alex brings his new girlfriend, who is clearly out of her comfort zone. Even Roger's seemingly perfect marriage to Miriam transpires into her rebelling against his authority. Just when it seems things can't get any worse for them all, the unthinkable happens.

The play formed the basis of a TV series in the early 1990's, starring Robert Dawe, Brenda Blethyn, Timothy Spall & Jocey Lawrence.


The Golden Pathway Annual
by John Burrows & John Harding

Directed by Melanie Hodgson

Michael Peters is a boy growing up from the end of the Second World War to the late 1960’s with the promise of “you never had it so good”.  His parents want to offer him all that they never had and to further his education sign him up to an early book club “The Golden Pathway Annual” from the Institute for theEducationally Aware.  A pushy salesman fosters the idea that education will be the key to Michael’s future, which his parents view as his chance to escape from the life they have had. 

As Michael grows up the books allow him to escape into a world of excitement and danger - so unlike his own life.  The birthday books and grammar school education serve to create a growing chasm between him and his parents until Michael finally realises that education hasn’t given him the promised future he expected and that being grown up presents some very difficult decisions.


The Golden Pathway Annual is written by John Burrows and John  Harding and was first performed at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield in 1973 and was first published in 1974. 


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